Dogs stepped into my life with big bernese puppy paws in 2004.

I had no knowledge of dogs what so ever, so life with a very stubborn bernese male was no walk in the park. More I banged my head against the wall with that wise and humorous animal I realized this breed was more than just a dog, it is a way of life.
The world around dogs started to fascinate me. I wanted to learn as much as possible about the breed and dogs in general so I applied to the Central Ostrobothnia Rural Institute to study dogs. During that time I got to experience the joys and sorrows of this hobby, I got to see what breeding is all about and learned so much. We trained tracking, agility, search and almost every dogsport possible, and competed in obedience. I got the wonderful chance to see matings, births and all the basics of breeding without having to do things all by myself.

My first bernese was never the easiest, he was dominant but insecure and his insecurity came out as aggression. With all his faults I loved him more than anything, and I am forever grateful of what he taught me. With him I learned the hard way what the bernese character should never be, and would never breed from a dog with a questionable character. He also taught me what the bernese could be at its best - your true best friend who will never leave your side.

When my studies were coming to an end it was time to think about getting my next dog. Bernese bitch of course, that's what I had dreamed of ever since Manu came along! That could be the start of my breeding career if all went well! Then I found myself looking at the web-pages of malamute breeders. And then came the day I saw an ad about a great malamute litter that had one puppy available. The same day I contacted the breeder and after waiting a few weeks I had this little baby puppy in my arms. Nemi, my Alaskan Malamute.

It was destiny at its best; this was just what I was missing. With Nemi I found an entire new world that swept me off my feet- the show rings. I got the perfect dog for me, but I have not found that great passion for the breed as I did with the bernese. So I do not see malamute litters in the future at this point.
I do know there is a special place in my heart for these magnificent dogs.

I had no real idea on what goes on in the conformation ring, and at first it was a rocky road with no success in sight. But I had such luck with Nemi growing up to be one gorgeous girl. I had huge help from her breeder, and in little time I found myself getting hooked on showing. I could never even dream that my first ever show dog would become a champion. But she did, and is now a BISS winner, International Multi Champion and Multi Winner. Don't get me wrong, I have not done it all on my own. I still have a lot to learn in becoming the handler my dogs deserve, so I have been lucky to get help from the most kind and talented people!

In 2012 I felt it was time. I was ready for my bernese girl now! The wait began! And in September my world came crashing down. I lost my precious boy way too early. At that time I went through hell, at first thinking I could never go through that again, and after just a few days realizing that without a bernese my life was just empty. I had hoped to see my boy grow old, see him teach the puppy on the important aspects of life as a bernese. But instead I was left with a hole in my heart.

2013 brought the joy back in my life, as my Tara was finally born. This is the puppy I hoped and dreamed for almost ten years. Tara grew up to be a lovely girl, she is the mother figure in our household and now the mother of the first Darkway puppies that were born in 2017.

My perfect bernese is balanced in both structure and character, with an easy, free movement and that happy, kind bernese expression that I fell in love with. It is my dream to see the bernese live long and healthy lives bringing joy to us for 10+ years. Darkway puppies will come from matings strictly planned, the kind I would want a puppy from.

If you have any questions please contact me!